Our Brands

Combining our strong capabilities in sales & brand management, marketing, logistics and warehousing, Tipex is the name to trust for all your brand building needs. Under our management, many products have been successfully launched and nurtured, becoming well-known household brands today.

Agency Brands

With more than 30 years of experience in the Singapore market, Tipex is well-poised with the expertise and networks to pave the way to brand success for all partners. We have been building quality products from both local and overseas brands to cater to every Singaporean’s daily needs.


Tipex provides a wide range of products for institutional sales that can be customised to suit each customer's needs, including printed tissue, napkins of various sizes, jumbo toilet tissue, multi-fold hand towel, interfold hand towel, and pop-up tissue to hotels, restaurants, resorts and many more.

Besides paper products, Tipex has also supply hair and body shampoo, multi-purpose detergent, Anti-bacteria hand soap, and Hand sanitiser.

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