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Founded in 1998 as turkey's first adultcare brand, Canped is also turkey's most preferred adult care brand. As the leader in the emerging market, it also has the most variety of products.

In addition to diaper products and under pads, which are predominantly preferred by bedridden patients, in 2007, it launched absorbent pants and bladder pads that facilitated the life of mobile adults to the Turkish market.

As of 2012, Canped started to produce its products with textile backsheet to increase the comfort of users; It has the highest market share in field reports issued by leading independent research organizations such as Nielsen and IMS. In these researches conducted by independent research companies, it has proven to be at the top of performance satisfaction and recommendation criteria.

It has products that fit a wide range of body sizes, ranging from X-Small to X-Large for children and adults who suffer from urine loss.

Canped adultcare has a widespread distribution network meeting consumers through many sales channels including pharmacies, supermarkets, medical retail and internet outlets.

Product Range

Adult Diapers


Canped Adult Diapers Small


Canped Adult Diapers Medium


Canped Adult Diapers Large

Adult Pants


Canped Adult Pants Small


Canped Adult Pants Medium


Canped Adult Pants Large

Adult Underpad Pants


Canped Adult Underpad 60X90cm