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PetPet disposable baby diapers

As high performance diapers that do not compromises on comfort, PetPet diaper features navel care for new born and super-absorbency magic gel layer, with its 100% air through system consists of micro ventilation channels that allow good air circulation through the cover. In addition, PetPet has also introduced an aloe vera liner that helps to prevent nappy rash and irritation while keeping the baby’s skin fresh and dry.

The cloth like diaper supplements the system to provide extra comfort to the baby and even the person holding the child. All PetPet diapers are fitted with an elastic waist band as well to provide a snug and comfortable fit, with its standing side leak guards feature, it helps to provide extra protection against leakage at the sides. Furthermore, with its Velcro Easy Tapes feature, mother can rest assured that your baby is wearing the diaper comfortably as the tapes can be refastened as many times as required.

PetPet disposable baby diapers come in Newborn, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes, suitable from newborn to over 13kg.

PetPet DayPants

Crawl, stand, walk or even run, mums now can have an easy breezy diapering experience with PetPet DayPants. Made with highly breathable outer layer, PetPet DayPants offers babies comfort with its Superior Breathable Technology, which promotes air circulation inside out in keeping your baby always dry and comfortable.

Paired with super-absorbent layer and double leak guards, PetPet DayPants provides good absorbency during the day and provides extra protection around the leg area.

Never a dull moment with it’s cute cartoon diaper designs for your child’s discovery, PetPet DayPants is available in M, L, XL and XXL size, fits babies from 4kg – 25kg.

PetPet NightTape

Designed with Extra Night Absorbency Technology, PetPet NightTape uses 3D Super Dry Sheet that speedily drives liquids into the pad core and prevents backflow, keeping your baby’s skin dry all night long.

It also features EXTRA Benefits for maximum uninterrupted protection during your baby’s bedtime:-

  • Extra Stretchable - The waist band hugs onto your baby’s waist for better fit and comfort, allowing your baby to sleep tight in every position. Perfect for both back and tummy sleepers.
  • Extra Gel Plus - Locks away wetness quickly for longer usage and skin dryness.
  • Extra Leak Guard – Designed with an additional soft leak protection against side leakage, especially suited for side sleepers.
  • Breathable Soft Sheet Cover – Allows air circulation to keeps your baby’s skin feeling fresh and dry all night long.

PetPet NightTape is available in S, M, L and XL sizes, suitable from 3kg to over 13kg.

Product Range



Pet Pet Value Pack NB 36s


Pet Pet Value Pack S 32's


Pet Pet Mega M 76's


Pet Pet Mega L 64's


Pet Pet Mega XL 52's


Pet Pet Day Pant M 76's


Pet Pet Day Pant L 66's


Pet Pet Day Pant XL 56's


Pet Pet Day Pant XXL 48's


Pet Pet Night Tape S 66's


Pet Pet Night Tape M 60's


Pet Pet Night Tape L 50's


Pet Pet Night Tape XL 44's