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Certainty Tape

Certainty is a premium brand of diapers that is fitted with the most technological advanced features to ensure full comfort for all wearers. The 3D diamond dry absorbent pad and super absorbent polybeads increase absorbency efficiency and ensures that fluids are locked away to prevent backflow. In addition, leak guards are specially fitted to provide maximum protection against side leakage. The wetness indicator is also a helpful feature that reminds users to change diapers when necessary.

Certainty Tape is available in M and L size that fits waist size from 29”-55”.

Certainty DayPants

Comes with 3D diamond dry ultra-thin technology with rapid absorbent pads, soft-stretch waist band and soft-stretch leak guard protection, Certainty DayPants promotes quicker absorption and prevents backflow for ultimate comfort at the waist and between the thighs.

With its slim design and cottony cloth-like material that is 100% breathable, Certainty DayPants gives you ultimate comfort just like wearing underwear, ensures that your incontinence problem is not your obstacle to live everyday life anymore.

Certainty DayPants are suitable for high mobile elders who have outdoor activities, and it is available in M and L size that fits waist size from 26”-46”.

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Certainty M


Certainty L


Certainty DayPants M


Certainty DayPants L